Dësgenà D04


The D04 has been designed specifically for being used in the fixed gear crits, and has been developed with the essential collaboration of Stefania Baldi, who tested the bike in the toughest races all around the world.  The D04 aluminium frame sports geometries that could grant the perfect compromise between stability in the tight bends and corners and reactivity in the sprints.




Stefania Baldi: “Over the years I have tested different frames both for road and fixed. My approach with the D04 Desgena was of total abandonement and confidence.
It was designed on my geometry and when I tried it for the first time was a surprise. The next day I was in France to race, without testing it first, and the feedback has been very positive.
The bike was immediately comfortable and responsive. A frame that meets my physical needs, that never fails to support me during the criterium both in technical and launched routes.
The components are high quality and complete the performance of the model itself. Also the use of saddles Brooks England (mod. C15) makes my relationship with the D04 perfect!
I admit, i do not have a big technical competence but I trust always in the response of my body. When I get on my bike, i become one with it. It’s more than being at home … much more. ”


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Model description

 Columbus Airplane aluminium frame with Dësgenà carbon fork
Sram Omnium crankset
Brooks C15 saddle
Miche Pistard wheelset
Vittoria tyres
Dësgenà seatpost, stem and handlebar




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Photo courtesy of Dësgenà  | Liz Seabrook



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