FOAD fixed

“The Good Times Are Killing Me” is FOAD’s second and final full length feature. In the making for over a year, across 6 states and 2 countries. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, FOAD is a mixed group of fixed gear freestyle and traditional riders, who aim to test the limits of what can be done on a fixed gear in every aspect. Swimming through traffic and cascading down hills. Barging through the unfamiliar of snow and dirt. Creating a playground out of the urban landscape of stairs, ledges, banks, and drainage ditches. Sam Allgood, Jackson Bradshaw, Jake Matsukawa, Evan Service, Izik Service, Jimmy Watcha, Parker Thompson, Matt Spencer, Wes Brown, Chase Davis, and many other amazing riders all bring their unique take on riding to the film.

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0:00 Intro
3:10 Sam Allgood
7:32 Jackson Bradshaw
13:57 Jake Matsukawa
17:07 Tarck Section
21:33 Evan Service
27:58 Izik Service/Jimmy Watcha
31:06 Parker Thompson
41:46 Freestyle Friends
48:20 Fast Friends
53:23 Matt Spencer
57:00 Wes Brown
1:04:32 Chase Davis
1:11:02 Outro/Credits