Cross Crusade 2016 wraps up at the always popular yet somewhat notorious Barton Park venue. Despite the rugged, bleak nature of the landscape, and the heightened challenges of the course, racers just love this place. Fans, including our videographer, really enjoy the scene at Barton Park, too. With close battles in series points for many races, the season finale brought incredible energy to the race day.

The Barton Park race and venue sit among the workings of a gravel mine adjacent to the Clackamas River east of Portland. Piles of gravel and related machinery make for a rough, rocky course that demands higher-than-normal tire pressure for a day that is almost always rainy and muddy. This year’s race saw dark skies and treacherous muddy tracks but the light of Portland’s brightest race series will shine through the winter.

We continue our presentation of local music with Portland artist Foundation and the song “Replaced Memories”. “A bit urban, a bit grimy and always engaging, Foundation tracks lean heavily on the propulsive rhythms of vintage electropop.”