This year is looking to be a memorable one with the addition of our Attack Category which gives less experienced riders the opportunity to race on a level playing field as they look to jump into the Elite Category. We will have 3 separate categories this year (Elite, Women’s, and Attack) and crowning 3 Champions.
For the Attack and Women’s category we have 6 races slated on your calendar. The Elite Category athletes will have the opportunity for extra credit races taking place on Sunday’s with the California Bicycle Racing fixed gear open category races. These races are category 1-4 and are open to Men and Women however we will only be issuing points for the Elite Category at those races. Slower riders that fall from the lead pack will be pulled from the race which is partly why we cannot issue points.
NEW FORMAT- We will keep track of the top 20 at each race and issue points for your best 5 finishes. Due to this format CBR is not mandatory for Elite Category athletes, you do not have to compete in these races to be eligible for the overall championship however it does improve your chances attending those races as well. Attack and Women’s Categories have the 6 races to offer up their best 5 finishes and hold their place in the series standings. CBR races will only be $20 to race with large cash prime laps at each race.