Three friends ride bicycles 192 miles through the California desert, from Badwater Basin to White Mt. Peak. Along the way they ascend over 24,000 vertical feet, and experience a 70 degrees shift in temperature. Before embarking the riders plan their ride carefully and leave food and water along the route in old ammunition canisters for later consumption. Unsupported from beginning to end, the riders carried small cameras and filmed themselves during the ride, capturing serendipitous moments like a dusk flyby of a group of owls and a desperate dive into a grungy bathroom to escape from the cold.

Directed by Brian Vernor
Executive Produced by James Lalonde
Supported by Cannondale Bicycles
Shot on super 16mm, super 8mm, and various HD digital cameras.
Cinematography by Kenny Sule, Izzy Cohan & Brian Vernor
Score by

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