We’re excited to announce our collaboration with @artesempre! Cycling is an indispensable element to the creativity that you see in Arte Sempre. Riding bicycles gives artist Zio Zigler clarity, and a playful outlet to connect with friends outside of the studio. By continuously exploring different approaches to cycling and creating art, Zio has found a personalized method for finding synergy between the two pursuits. This synergy gives him clarity and a drive to express creativity and connect with the world around him. He takes this unobstructed clarity back into the studio, and expresses it onto not only canvas but also sculpture and now a limited collection of Giro shoes, helmets, caps and gloves. It brings Zio’s art and the Arte Sempre ethos into the real world. It’s an uber-functional uniform of speed and purpose, wrapped into the form of beautiful self-expression. This is a limited collection, and when it’s gone it’s gone for good! View the Collection — https://goo.gl/zfAuwU Learn More about @artesempre — https://goo.gl/rQGb2f
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