Dosnoventa® explores the inner feelings of riding
through the streets of Barcelona.

Dosnoventa®️ presents STRAY FROM THE WAY: a visual essay about the internal sensations and perceptions of riding high-performance fixed-gear bicycles through the city. Shot by the award-winning twin directors duo Gasser Brothers (aka. Marco Gasser & Fabio Gasser) and starring Mario Paz Duque, one of the toughest riders in the global fixed gear scene. The 16mm film reflects the rider’s life and relation with his bike.

Mario blends in with the urban environment and experiences a unique connection that takes him to an almost levitational state.

Directed by Gasser Brothers
Produced by Dosnoventa® & Gasser Brothers
Starring: Mario Paz Duque, Juanma P. Garcia,
Alex de Cortada.
Director of photography: Fabio Gasser
Edit: Xavi Trilla
Music & SFX: Moritz Staub
Creative direction: David A. Turover
Cover Photography: Brazo de Hierro