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Bike frame paintings

Mi Apartamento



Growing up in Ensenada-Tijuana was a uniquely strange experience. Fairly removed to what is commonly considered as authentic “Mexican” and being overwhelmed by California’s influence, I came across underground subculture in the mid 1980s that became the outlet for my creativity and sociopolitical consciousness . Discovering “DIY” also brought my interest to reach out and to network internationally. Without feeling confined into geographical traps, I was able to gravitate freely, focusing on quirky and spontaneous nature of every day life. Feeling the urge to testify and to record interpretations, I sought out to freeze ephemera, making the impermanent permanent, the intangible something anyone could grasp and hold onto.

I’m interested in the exploration of mass produced waste and urban environments. I experience its intervals and document alterations found in weathered mechanical patterns and compile them into humorous poetic compositions. This is also a very healing process. Filtering emotions while using discarded materials represents a new contemporary identity of what it means to be Mexican, projecting a daring vision of self and the internal struggle, breaking the mold and creating a brave new example for future generations.

gErardo yEpiz

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Tijuana Rider






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