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As is now customary, every year a select group of the finest international track sprinters are invited into the exclusive world of Japanese keirin to compete in a special calendar of racing. In 2016 the kokusai (国際, international) keirin includes two former world champions in Shane Perkins (Australia) and Theo Bos (Netherlands), and a silver-medallist at the Rio Olympics in Matthijs Büchli (Netherlands). From October 26th through October 28th these three superstars graced the open-to-the-elements banks of Nagoya keirinjou, the near 50-year-old track racing complex in the west of manufacture-centric metropolis Nagoya. This video is part one in a special mini-series. For a more in-depth look inside the Japanese keirin take a look at Bradley OG’s article over on the Conquista website: https://conquista-cycling-club.myshop….

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Music: Sergeant Jay – The Nu-jazz Lover

Thumbnail: Mark Morinishi

Title Card Photograph: Sean Breslin

End Card Photograph: Kenji Muto

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